Our servo motors are able to open to a maximum width of 90 degrees.
So 127 corresponds to 90 degrees and -127 then reverses it of course.

All the examples have been for 60 degrees.  Is there a setting where you would indicate that the servo motor maximum width is other than 60?
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Have your local hub test the servo. You may have a bad servo motor. The Futaba 3003/3004 are the legal servos in the BEST kit. I believe they both should have hard stops at +/-60degrees.
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As per the previous response, Futura Servos should have a hard stop at +/- 60 degrees.

However, if your servos go all the way to +/- 90 degrees and you are getting a 60 degree turn for 127 value, try multiplying (using the 'Gain' block or a 'Product' block) the Gamepad Joystick output value by a multiplication factor that gives you 90 degrees (i.e. 127*90/60). I am not sure if this would work, but worth giving it a try!

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