We need this to not happen. Pictures would be appreciated. When we press the button and the servo moves, but upon release, it returned to the original position. We would like to have the servo stay after the release of the button.

This is what we have so far, still it refuses to work.

We have tried various different options, such as adding a deadband and a latch, yet to no avail.

Thank you,
Braves BEST.
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Where did you add the 'Latch' block? You would want to add it between the DigitalButton (in your case, Claw Shut and Claw Open) and Gain blocks for both the buttons. Try this and let us know if this works. Make sure that everytime you latch the claw to one posistion (open or shut), release the latch it to its neutral position (where both buttons are released). 

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