My team needs to have our servos to rotate 180 degrees; however, the servos seem to only go about 30 degrees (from 0 to 127 or -127). Is there a way, programming wise (EasyC) that I can make the servos go 180 degrees?
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I am please to be able to answer promptly.  "NO"
tsnh (too short, not helpful)
Futaba Servo 3003/3004 only rotate from +/-30 degrees,  see also reference http://www.servodatabase.com/servo/futaba/s3003
So your engineering constraint is the servos you have, not unobtainium servos.   
If you "need" something else, you'll have to figure out how not to need it,  or how to get it through some other mechanical means.
Note that if you put a circumference 6 size pulley on the servo horn, and belt it to a size 1 pulley on some other axis,  you can get 180 degree on this other axis.
Naturally the torque available will be 1/6th the servo strength, (less friction losses).
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If you are playing with the servos, they will move just over 180 degrees between the physical stops inside the servo.  In fact, they are designed to have 180 degrees of rotation.  HOWEVER... their rotation is limited when they are used with the VEX cortex.  You can only get 120 degrees of rotation (+/- 60).  I believe that the 60 degree rotation angle listed at servodatabase.com is either incorrect or is missing the +/- in front of the "60"  Here is a screen shot of the specs on the S3004 servo.  It is identical to the S3003 but with a ball bearing instead of a nylon sleeve bearing.

From experience... you can only get 120 degrees of rotation from the servo itself

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