Our programmers have been debating whether they should submit the Simulink code with simulation inputs and displays or without them.

Including the simulation elements would allow the judges to test the code and would demonstrate another aspect of Simulink knowledge. However, the extra simulation elements also clutter the code and make it less readable.

In the past, we have always removed simulation elements from the final code and then used/submitted that version. We always thought that the final version of the code should be cleaned up and simplified. (We would at least show a screen shot of some simulation and mention it in the video.)

We've seen no mention of simulation in any documentation, but we were docked a few points from a judge one year for not including it.

We are leaning towards including the simulation elements, but any recommendations from the community, or definitive words from Simulink would be appreciated.
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Showing that you performed simulations will definitely add value to your submission. If you are like many engineers/programmers and have multiple models for different specific tasks (calibrating, simulating, programming, etc) I would consider showing more than one model using Simulink Variant Subsystems. You can copy/paste your diagrams for each of your models to create one master model where you can choose what to run or upload. I made a simple template and attached it to the post to give everybody a starting point. Note that you can remove input and output ports as long as they match within subsystems. Here is some documentation on the functionality too.


I hope this helps and looking forward to all of the award submissions!


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