Hello teams,

MathWorks is excited to announce the Simulink Design Award for BEST Robotics 2017 competition. If you are a team using Simulink in the competition then you have a chance to win 1000$ cash prize!! To learn more about this award and how to participate, go here:

Wanna see what winning teams in the past did with Simulink? Go here:

For questions related to the award, contact us at

For questions related to Simulink, contact us at 

All the BEST!
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Just to clarify;

At our kickoff, we were told that the cash prize had been reduced to $1000 now that there is a 5th regional.  (That is also what is referenced at the link you provided.)  Is it staying at the previous level of $1500 or is $1000 correct?
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You are right Evan, my bad! I have updated the post to say 1000$ now. Thanks!
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