CircuitRunners Team 93

As a team, we have not used Simulink for a few years (we usually use RobotC), and we do not have anyone on our team who is familiar with Simulink. I'm looking for opinions/advice as to whether it would be beneficial to try to learn to use Simulink for use this year (since you can test programs without a robot?), or if the beginning of the season would be too rushed for time, and we should plan to use it next year.

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Fyi, for familiarity, there are many online training videos and MathWorks is holding live online training webinars each week.  

Look at,  Participants > Resources for the links to several Simulink training resources and videos.  MathWorks and other regional Simulink specialists are available to provide one on one training with your team as well. Just contact bestrobotics at mathworks dotcom.

The schedule and registration for the free webinars is at

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