Hello Teams,

MathWorks is offering free online trainings on Simulink to use it to program your BEST robot this year! This is a training series with 3 sessions on Aug 25th, Sep 1st and Sep 8th. 

Register on EventBrite:
For registration and agenda for the sessions, click the link below:

OR use the short URL: 

Request Simulink software today!
If you haven't obtained the 2016 license for MATLAB and Simulink, click the link below to start the request process:

Contact the MathWorks team at if you have questions regarding licensing or installation.

All the BEST!

Sandeep Hiremath
MathWorks USA
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Will the videos be available for download and viewing at a later date? We missed the class 1 deadline by 1 day.
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Yes, the recording of the video will be made available very soon , possibly by Monday next week. I will add a link to the recording on this thread. 
And don't forget to sign up for the training sessions over the next 2 weeks.
Sign up - 

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The recording for session #1 is available now on YouTube:


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