I was looking at the list of awards and I came across two new ones I hadn't seen before: the Software and Simulation Award and then a Simulink Design Award. I am confused about this. These are two separate awards right? If so, how do they work? At kick-off they said one is a new section in the notebook, how does the other one work? I don't remember them mention there were two, and if they did I probably didn't get they were talking about two awards because of the very similar names.
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The rules and other documents like the judging policies and notebook grading rubric are pre-answers these kinds of questions.
See the awards and judging policies manual section 1.4 and 1.5.
here is a direct link to the BRI file manager folder containing this document;

Another under-utilized tool is the ScoreSheets folder on the BRI file manager:
 The judges fill these out for each team for each award.
I call it the "rubric" for each award.  
If you use the Rubric as an outline, you'll be able to fill in every checkbox the judges are looking for.
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The Software and Simulation Award is more about the process you used and considerations that were made in developing your robot program. The 5 criteria are listed in the Awards and Judging Policies document referenced above. The description covering the criteria mentioned goes into your Project Engineering Notebook.

The Simulink Design Award is specifically related to use of Mathworks Simulink and the Simulink model created to program the behavior of your robot.  The criteria and submission guidelines for this award can be found at http://www.bestinc.org/b_simulink_award.php.
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Ok, thank you for the clarification.
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