Last year there were a few postings after each BEST regional event that hopefully served to better the regional events and BEST as a whole.  Here are a few things that I would like to share about our experience at South's BEST 2016.  Please add to this to help improve the events.

One of the best improvements in my opinion was that the masters of ceremonies, which were the same as last year, were very good to focus on the teams, drivers, fans, and the event as a whole.  I appreciated that they encouraged the crowd to cheer for their teams and for other teams and they kept things moving, keeping the crowd informed of the rounds, what the referees were doing, and what was coming up next.  Great job guys!

The event itself flowed better than the previous three that I've attended.  The lighting effects, music, and video screens were extremely well done.

I can only think of one time that there was a delay of any length for a field repair.  The first night they were averaging 5 rounds every 30 minutes which was great.  Even with an hour plus long delay on Sunday due to a power outage they were able to get back on schedule.

Auburn took proactive actions to eliminate WiFi interference from what I understand and it appears to have worked.  I know our team didn't experience a drop out.

The only suggestion I have for improvement next year is that the lighting in the stands needs to be increased especially the first morning when teams are claiming their seats.  We had a couple falls and some bruised shins from being unable to see steps and seats it was so dark.

I know we all appreciate the volunteers and host sites for the time and effort it takes and we hope to get back to South's BEST again next year.

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