We have already submitted our notebook, but My team had a question regarding the team demographics form that was not posted/answered on the Q&A.

The Demographics form has been changed to say that it is now turned in as part of the robot compliance inspection.  In the past it was included in the notebook.  Having it with the notebook was stressed so strongly that my team was worried to not include it there as well (fearing that judges may not notice the rule change and would expect to see it).  Our regional even insisted that it be the first page of the notebook in past years.

So as clarification, should it be with the notebook as well, either in the main body or the appendix?  Personally, I don't see it as fitting into an engineering notebook and think that keeping it separate is the best option.

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I think the goal is to try a different method to increase number of demographics forms turned in.
By making it due at Compliance check in, not filling it in makes you not able to compete in the game.

It would be good if there were paper/pencil blank copies of the Demographics forms available at the
Compliance check in station, so that teams have a last chance to comply.

Since the Notebook score sheet does not mention the word Demographics,
you will not (should not) be judged down for not including it.  
You have looked at the 2015 Project Engineering Notebook Score Sheet,  right?
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Absolutely checked the score sheets.  (I hate seeing questions that are easily answered in the rules.)  Was just checking for confirmation.  Our notebook team included it just to be safe... it was stressed HEAVILY to them in the past to include it.  A few other teams I am familiar with were putting it in their notebook too.

The kids are so competitive that they do not want to take any chances.

Thanks for the reply... The last minute pen & paper version is a great idea.
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Just for history, the demographics sheet was included in the notebook originally to get teams to turn it in.  Prior attempts where no points or status had been attached to the sheet met with woefully poor response.  Our sponsors want and need the information on those demographic sheets.  In addition, we collate all responses from teams to a hub level, and then all hub levels to a national level.  The national level demographics are published in our annual report.

Since some teams submit notebooks just to "pass the requirement" to have a notebook, we moved the demographics sheet to part of compliance.  If it is not submitted, the team will fail compliance and will not be allowed to play.  

One good part of moving the demographics sheet out of the notebook is the room to add the software design and simulation section to emphasize more software and programming.


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