Is a tank full of water allowed as part of our booth?
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I can't give you an official answer,  but from experience I would recommend that you check with your local hub coordinator.  I would expect the answer to be "NO" as I can foresee too many potential problems with a "tank full of water", but it really depends on the venue and how much water/kind of tank you plan on using.  My team has used small amounts of water in the bottom of plastic tubs, but I've also seen teams not allowed to use water.  

If you are allowed to use it at the local hub, things might change if you qualify for regionals.  Again, check with the hub coordinator.
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You might get a NO answer from the Q&A, but more likely answer is what Evan said, check with your hub.  
   In my view, hub people would likely see the risk outweighing any reward.   Maybe a dry diorama would be as creative 
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