I saw a post from someone asking if BEST is cheaper than FIRST.
The answer was that registering for BEST is free.
Okay, I understand registration is free.  However, I have been reading that there is a "kit".
Now, is this "kit" simply a list of specific materials that may be used or does it actually include actual parts?  How much is the "kit"?

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From line 2 of the FIRST/BEST thread:  
BEST is "free", no charge for registration, KOP (Return kit and Consumable kit) are provided for free each year

The consumable kit is free and the school doesn't have to return it.  If you duplicate it on your own, probably $500.
The returnable kit is free during competition season, and school must return it, otherwise or pay ~$1000 to keep it.

There are lists of all the specific parts included or allowed at http://www.bestinc.org   Participants  ContestInformation Kits
You can see the game rules and the field drawings in the ContestInformation tree.

If you haven't registered a team this year, but want to play along in preparation for next year,  you can buy your own Rkit at vexrobotics.com/best and look at the ckit list and buy just what you want from that list to build your robot.   You can probably even get practice time on a real game field by contacting your local hub and asking if you can visit "demo day".   Non-registered teams can't compete on Game day though.

I've been thinking about the idea of "sunday best", primarily for private schools that can't compete on Saturdays.    Buy your own stuff, bring your own volunteers, and you can borrow our field to host your own competition.   The field costs $1000 in parts and 200? man hours to build.
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Thanks for the explanation!

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