We have a 3rd year team and each year we have built a website.  This year we have some older kids who really wanted to up the game on our Website and we have let them go with it. However, our hub which only gives flashdrives, has no criteria listed for the website.  Does anyone know where I could find that criteria? They have put a lot of work into it and we would like to see what and if we are missing any important criteria that would knock them out of a award.

Thanks in advance!

Roschell Clark
Coach LIGHT Robotics
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Website competition is Hub specific, so there is no BRI level rubric, so you'll have to ask your hub contact directly.
Dallas BEST did one for a couple years, but they took too much time to judge.  
We did a video contest once, but had to limit it to 3 minutes, again due to limited time for judging.

In addition to make it easy to judge, here are some other general ideas:
- it helps if the website is accessible from outside the school network
- it helps if the website is well organized so it is easy to walk through all the parts of it,  so only one layer deep, not multiple layers.
- If your website is oriented toward the BEST award, look at criteria for that.  Maybe BEST evangelism activities?
- If your website is oriented toward Engineering notebook, look at the criteria for that.
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