Will the 2-wire sensor cable still be in the 2015 kit?

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The two-wire sensor cable has been replaced by the 3-wire sensor cable.

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Can you please help me to understand more about the kit and this sensor wire?
I am also working on a project and looking for a sensor kit.
I want to know about the compatibility and the specifications of the sensors of the kit?

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There are 2 'sensor' types in the 2015 kit. They are on Consumables list page 1 Electrical section.
A) switches, typically used as limit switches, connected to the Cortex Digital Inputs with a 2 or 3-wire sensor cable
      4 ea : sub-mini snap action switch, SPDT, 0.1 A, Omron P/N SS-01GL13PT
B) rotary volume control knobs, typically used as angle sensors, connected to the Cortex Analog Inputs with a 3-wire sensor cable
      2 ea : rotary potentiometer, linear, 10K ohm, 300°, panel mount, 6mm (approx.) shaft

The electrical contacts on these sensors are team soldered to the 24 gauge fine wire,
and the other end of the wire attaches to screw terminal on the white plastic block shown in post #1.

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